Contact an Owner

How many companies offer direct access to their owners? We wanted you to know this company is different and we want to hear from our customers or prospective customers. We’d like to ask you to follow the following guidelines as the best way for us to handle your contacts:

  • Call during business hours or email any time.
  • Always identify who you are and why you are calling or emailing. We won’t take anonymous calls or emails.
  • You can call us with questions, complaints, complements, concerns or suggestions. No question is too small.
  • If you do not reach us and leave a message please state that you are calling as a result of the web site contact information and state your name and why you are calling.
  • Please do not call regarding routine warranty claims unless you have first presented you claim with your local retailer.
Customers don't care how much you know 
                            until they know how much you care. -David Maister

Jimmy Orders: 864-422-2442

David Orders: 864-422-2440

John Orders: 864-422-2443

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