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Exceptional values for every home.

American Home is an eclectic mix of every comfort type, feel and price for the average home. Value and affordability are the key characteristics of this collection.

With that in mind, we have designed the American Home line using the latest component technologies and constructions while keeping our focus on the highest quality materials possible. The result is affordable price points for the American Home. If great values that you would only find in premium priced products is what you are looking for then look no further. Some of the premium constructions in this collection are foam encased borders, InnerAct® alternating coil innersprings, box tops, luxury pillow tops, tack & jump quilting, latex, memory-gel foam and Preserve™ bio-based polyurethane foam, just to mention a few of the quality components.

Inman Firm Mattress

Inman Firm

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Chandler Euro Mattress

Chandler Euro

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Chandler Pillow Top Mattress

Chandler Pillow Top

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Marion Pillow Top Mattress

Marion Pillow Top

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Sinclair Firm Mattress

Sinclair Firm

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Sinclair Plush Mattress

Sinclair Plush

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Sinclair Pillow Top Mattress

Sinclair Pillow Top

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Jordan Firm Mattress

Jordan Firm

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Jordan Plush Mattress

Jordan Plush

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Jordan Pillow Top Mattress

Jordan Pillow Top

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Trinity Firm Mattress

Trinity Firm

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Trinity Plush Mattress

Trinity Plush

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Trinity Pillow Top Mattress

Trinity Pillow Top

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Felton Firm Mattress

Felton Firm

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Felton Plush Mattress

Felton Plush

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Felton Box Top Mattress

Felton Box Top

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