Warranty Process

If your dealer is still in business please contact them directly. Please be sure you have a copy of your purchase receipt to establish purchase validity.

If your dealer is no longer in business or you have moved out of the dealer’s service area please contact Park Place Corporation’s consumer services at 1-888-233-7357; by mail @ PO Box 8127, Greenville, SC 29604; by email to warranty@parkplacecorp.com.

Please have the following information or items before calling:

  1. Product label name
  2. Law tag (do not remove from the product)
  3. Copy of your purchase receipt
Product Label Product Label Law Tag Law Tag

When making a claim through customer service:

  1. after you notify consumer services of the problem an inspection of the mattress or foundation will be made either by you with supporting pictures or if possible by an inspector in your area.
  2. This information will be sent to consumer services management to determine if the problem is covered under your warranty
  3. if your product is covered the letter will state what replacement product you will receive along with additional claim information
  4. If your product is not covered the letter will state the reason for our decision

When submitting photographs please use the following instructions and view the example photo to help us with your analysis:

If your concerns are body impressions, place a straight edge like a yardstick or string across the area. Using a ruler, measure the depth of the depressed area, without applying any pressure, and then photograph the measurements. Please be sure to measure in the middle of the quilted area, not in the stitching patterns.

Measure instruction
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